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Our team of family Chiropractors assesses, identify and treat the underlining spinal cause of debilitating symptoms such as low back pain, headaches, stiffness, sciatica, neck pain and joint pain. They do this by using natural, drug-free chiropractic care; removing areas of irritation and restrictions to the spine, enabling the body’s own healing potential to heal the body.

Having five years of university education and training, along with 15 years of clinical experience, our Burpengary Chiropractors assess and resolve low back pain and neck pain using clinically proven, safe and highly specific chiropractic adjustments to specific areas of the spine.

Signals, including neck pain and back pain, regularly arise from altered spinal joint function and irritated nerves.  Chiropractic treatment has been shown to be an effective treatment choice to help.  Similarly, problems including muscle tension, neck stiffness, poor posture or shoulder pain are reasons that people frequent our Burpengary chiropractors.  Chiropractic adjustments provided by a registered Chiropractor regularly help relieve pinched nerves that cause low back pain and neck stiffness.

Daily signals such as chronic neck pain or chronic low back pain confirm the need for professional help.   Our Burpengary chiropractors use specific chiropractic techniques, ‘Spinal Adjustments’, that are utilised for the purpose of restoring both spinal function and alignment.

Studies of Chiropractic Care:

(The Manga Report). Pran Manga and Associates (1993) – University of Ottawa, Canada.

“Chiropractic management of Chronic Low back pain is greatly superior to medical management in terms of scientific validity, safety, cost-effectiveness and patient satisfaction.”

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When our patients arrive at Narangba Chiropractic, they enjoy easy access to nearby onsite parking.  Furthermore, we provide convenient wheelchair access, and for those who need on-the-spot private health rebates, we have HICAPS terminals on-site.

In addition to providing our customers with a relaxed and pleasant environment, our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art postural assessment and digital screening technology.

If you are searching for a Chiropractor that services Burpengary and surrounding areas and has a reputation for considering all aspects of your life and general health give Narangba Chiropractic a call today and let us make the difference.

Have you been thinking of scheduling an appointment? We are open five days a week.

Call us today on (07) 3088 7049.

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