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Does Hearing a “Pop” indicate a “Good Adjustment”?

Does Hearing a “Pop” indicate a “Good Adjustment”? (by Dr Angus Southwell CHIROPRACTOR) Popping and Cracking are just a few words that usually come to mind when someone mentions the word Chiropractic but what does it mean when you don’t hear the audible release after an adjustment? Does it mean the adjustment was done incorrectly?…

Why You Shouldn’t Purposely Crack You Back

Why You Shouldn’t Purposely Crack You Back (by Dr Angus Southwell- Chiropractor) We get it. We’ve all been there. I am even feeling the urges of doing just that while sitting here writing this post. Throughout the day we would usually feel stiff and if you are someone who would purposely crack your own back…

What is ligamentous Creep?

What is  Ligamentous Creep (by Dr Angus Southwell – Chiropractor) Ligamentous creep is a term for a phenomenon commonly associated with inactivity. According to the definition by The American Journal of Clinical Chiropractic, as the time dependent elongation of a ligament when subjected to a constant stress. When the ligaments are elongated or stretched, the…


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