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My name is Dr Angus Southwell ( Bribie Island Chiropractor) and I love being a Chiropractor here at Bellara Chiropractic. 

My own drive to become a chiropractor first began in high school after an unfortunate sporting rugby accident. My mother took me to a chiropractor, and it was that day that my eyes were opened to the wonders of chiropractic care. 

It was indeed that experience that continues  to motivate and inspire me to educate others regarding  the benefits of chiropractic care.  

In practice, I love that everyone is different.  I enjoy offering individualised  Chiropractic care.  I use a combination of techniques ranging from manual adjusting, drop piece, myofascial trigger point release, Activator, SOT release to help achieve the best results for that person.

I believe that my best personal attributes include being a good listener and that I care about people. I love seeing and helping people live happier and healthier lives through Chiropractic care.


When I am not working, I enjoy going to the gym, cooking, heading to the beach and spending time with friends.

 Practice Manager| Chiropractors Bribie Island

Hi name is Helen-Marie Sutherland. I am fortunate enough to be the practice manager of Bellara Chiropractic where my role is to ensure that each person attending our practice receives the best service and care available.

I work behind the scenes with our team and staff where we are always looking at ways to offer our people the best service and care available.

Being married to a Chiropractor, I am a terrific believer in Chiropractic care. I live an active life, eat well and have 2 wonderful daughters who I love being a mother to.

I look forward to helping to ensure the service and Care you receive at Bellara Chiropractic is to the highest of standards.


Our lovely Chiropractic assistants are here to assist our people with appointments, bookings, payments and overall practice information.

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